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At TimeSharing Today, we have often heard from readers who say, “I can’t get what I want when trying to arrange and exchange.” It is true that exchanges depend on available inventory and that high demand resorts and high demand destinations can be hard to get. We also have published many articles from our subscriber members  about wonderful well-managed resorts that are not the highly visible and often requested timeshares that we say are below the radar from a demand perspective. The resorts are often-self managed by the Owners Association and dedicated onsite Resort Mangers, or they are managed by experienced Resort Management companies. The resorts are Timeshare’s Hidden Gems to which we have dedicated SuiteVacations.

In many cases the Hidden Gems, are among what has been called, “Legacy Resort”. These are the resorts that were originally motels and were converted to timeshare properties in the 70’s; some were properties built by developers as timeshares. Estimates are that there are about 1,000 Legacy Resorts in the US. In most cases, the developer turned over the control of the property to the timeshare owners who then formed a Board of Directors. Many TimeSharing Today subscribing members are legacy owners who may also serve on their resort’s Board.

The resorts that are represented on this website should be part of your plans whether you are planning to buy, rent or exchange. They can make for great condo-style vacations for families and friends wanting to share quality time together. Timeshare’s Hidden Gems are what timesharing vacation ownership were originally meant to be, wonderful care-free vacations.

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