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Astrotourism: Exploring the dark skies at timeshare resorts

Traveling amongst the stars is a growing popular trend that opens endless possibilities for family vacations and timeshare resorts. Is it really possible to tour the stars, moon, and planet-filled skies? Let’s explore Astrotourism! What is it all about? Astrotourism basically entails any form of tourism involving the night sky. There are many kinds of activities that are included in the Astrotourism industry such as stargazing, night safaris, northern light explorations, staying in rural places and visits to observatories. One of the best parts about Astrotourism is that it can appeal to anyone! Who would not want to experience a total eclipse of the heart looking at the beautiful night sky in incredible detail?

Timeshare Resorts and Astrotourism

It is interesting to note the number of timeshare resorts that are increasingly offering Astrotourism services. Nature lovers and dark sky seekers are rushing from all over the world to travel destinations with resorts that are offering the service of touring the night skies! For example, In Iceland’s Hotel Ranga, an onsite astronomical observatory was built for tourists. In Finland, the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort is offering guests glass igloos in their rooms to be able to see the northern lights. The possibilities are endless with astral exploration, and those with vacation ownership have taken advantage of that.

Can Astrotourism Actually Improve Your Holiday Experience?

Astrotourism is one of the most unique travel experiences to date, and those who are vacationing in order to seek solace in nature and to not worry about work deadlines or troublesome relationships, Astrotourism has given the holiday experience a whole new light- literally. Especially for the people who live in the city and do not have the time or resources to enjoy all that a night sky has to offer. Astrotourism allows you to explore the skies where there is minimal light, pollution, which, in itself, is an incredibly amazing experience that you cannot get on a regular basis or in most cities. Moreover, to be able to do that, a condo-style vacations is probably a perfect holiday experience.

The Dark Sky Reserves That Are Popular Amongst Tourists

This whole new trend of Astrotourism has motivated many to be able to go on family vacations where dark sky reserves are found. As mentioned earlier, these reserves can only be set up in places, such as rural setting, where there is limited light pollution and exploration of the skies is vaster. Here are a few of the travel destinations located in the US that are most commonly known amongst dark sky enthusiasts:

The L’Auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa in Sedona is possibly the most popular Astrotourism resort in the US. They have adapted the concept of forest bathing from the Japanese and are giving it as a complimentary service called ‘star bathing.’

In Hawaii, you can look at over 80 constellations through three powerful telescopes at the roof of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa!

Mexico’s Four Seasons Punta Mita is also offering its guests complimentary stargazing activities held at its private driving range. Guides point to stars and constellations with laser pointers. These private tours can also happen at the beach, where you can stargaze with luxury wine and cheese boards.

There are a wide range of timeshare resorts in the US that are also now offering Astrotourism services or are thinking about how to expand on this phenomenon and extend it to enhance their appeal as a unique family vacation destination. One thing is for sure: Astrotourism is an attractive adventure for all!